Editorial Comment

The exposition
From Beijing to Versailles : Artistic Relations between China and France
was especially conceived for Hong Kong by the National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet, Paris.

This exposition gathers together
a selection of 150 works which retraces the history
of exchanges that took place between the Orient
and Occident, from the second century BC until the 18th century of our day.

It somehow seems only fitting that an exhibition
of this nature should take place in a territory whose existence has always been nourished by a cross cultural exchange and at a time as it prepares to enter into the great family of the
People’s Republic of China.

This exhibition presented at the
Hong Kong Museum of Art
from April 28th to June 15th, 1997

is broken up into seven sections, each explaining how politics and art worked together to weave a carpet of cultural exchange.

The quest for beauty is one of man’s most admirable traits. It is a road which can lead to understanding when it is open to exchange.
Let us only hope that we today are worthy of continuing on that road open many centuries ago.

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