N° 107
Print : "Vases, scrolls of painting and books"

Qing Dynasty, (16441911) 17th century
Paper: print and light colouring
Print from the "Kaempfer" series
Anonymous engraver
H : 36.3 cm, L : 28.6 cm
Paris, National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet
(MA 5830)

This allegorical composition is very similar to the previous one.

Again, it features two central bronze vases of antique inspiration and, in the foreground, a perfume-burner decorated with ruyi head motifs.

One of the vases, in the shape of a ping bottle, serves for the floral arrangement of chrysanthemum branches, the delicately embossed flowers of which symbolise the ninth month of the year.

In a bowl, digitated lemons, or "hands of Buddha", allude to happiness, as does the coral red branch in the vase.

The ruyi sceptre is a message to the receivers that it is hoped all their wishes might be granted. The books and painting scrolls are traditional references to scholarly culture .

Anne - Marie Amon