N° 139

Jiangxi, Jingdezhen
Qing dynasty, Qianlong mark and period Porcelain, overglaze polychrome enamels
H : 7.4cm, ø 16.1 cm, ø at base6.8cm
E. Grandidier Collection
Paris, National Museum of Asian Arts - Guimet
(G 2890)

This flared-rim bowl mounted on a straight base bears the Qianlong mark, painted in four blue enamel characters within a double square, on its base.

The sides are ornamented with a decoration of arabesques and flowers in yellow, pink, and green enamels on a solid blue ground.

On its inner surface are drawn a rose and three blooming orchids. Solitary small blossoms having lanceolate leaves separate the four medallions arranged around the bowl, each of which is decorated with a stylised flower and framed by serpentine dragons.

These arabesques recall European rococo style motifs. This bowl is representative of ceramics at this period whose decoration incorporates foreign elements conventionally used with other materials

Monique Crick