Korean Temples and Food

Jung Lee

Yeinart Co.Ltd.

ISBN 89-952962-0-8 03220

email : jungleephoto@hotmail.com


One temple one recipe.
And so the book unfolds.
It is not a guide to Buddhist temples in Korea
nor a recipe book for Buddhists and/or vegetarians.
It is a voyage into a world of Buddhism.
But is not about ceremonies and rituals.

It is about a certain feeling that will come while looking.
It is the view of one person looking at a world rich in the architecture of life,
it is looking a something to eat and tasting it without putting it into your mouth. It is about feeding the eyes and nurturing the soul.
It is about little photos becoming as important as the bigger ones
because of their placement on the page.
It is learning that bigness is not so because of a size
but because of the feeling it evokes.
What is written is not important.

This is a picture book and should be treated as such.
Look and enjoy by looking.


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